Smart Safety Equipment - Integrated Control System


Accident-free safety TV is a responsive control system that can monitor the safety status

of the site in real-time in the form of a large TV in the field office.

근로자 통합 안전관리

우리 현장의 실시간 안전 상태를

한눈에 볼 수 있어요.

근로자 SOS 위험관리

현장에서 근로자에게 위험이 발생하면

팝업 알림을 통해 근로자를 구조할 수 있어요.

고객사 맞춤형 화면 구성

현장 도면 매핑, 환경 모니터링 등 

우리 현장에 최적화된 맞춤형 화면 구성이 가능합니다. 

Workers Integrated Safety Management

Install an accident-free safety TV system on an on-site TV or large monitor!

You can see at a glance the weather conditions of our site, the status of the workers being discharged, the status of the workers at risk, and the status of real-time events.

Workers SOS Risk Management

If there is an abnormality in the health of the worker (heart rate abnormality, solid temperature, etc.), or if the worker presses the SOS button to notify the emergency, 

Accident-free safety TVs can be quickly rescued by informing workers of their risks through voice guidance along with pop-up messages and mapping the location of dangerous workers in real time.

Customer Customized Screen Configuration

Create our own customized smart safety TV by configuring the screen only with the functions needed in the field, such as monitoring the risk of collapse of facilities, monitoring the risk of leakage of harmful gases, monitoring environmental sensors, and mapping of field drawings!

Please tell us about the scene! The accident-free consulting team 

I suggest a solution that fits the field.  


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