Smart Safety Equipment - Integrated Control System


The accident-free app is an application that helps you manage the safety situation in the field efficiently. 

Based on information collected from various smart safety equipment, it is possible to efficiently manage the safety status of the site by monitoring the risk situation

on the site in real time.


우리 현장이 잘 관리되고 있는지

알기 쉽게 알려줘요.


지금 현장에서 어떤일이

일어나고 있는지 확인할 수 있어요.


우리 현장 근로자들이 안전하게

작업하고 있는지 확인할 수 있어요.


근로자 개개인에 대해

면밀하게 모니터링할 수 있어요.


실시간으로 근로자와 중장비의

위치를 확인할 수 있어요.


오늘 점검활동이

서로에게 쉽게 공유돼요.

Safety score

Please let me know easily if our site is well managed.

Risk management

Let's see what's happening at the scene

You can check the notification as soon as the event occurs.

Integrated management 

We can manage the safety status of workers, facilities, and heavy equipment in our field.

Worker management 

You can easily check each worker's health and safety equipment at a glance.

Location Monitoring

It can monitor in real time where smart safety equipment is attached, such as workers, heavy equipment, and facilities.

Inspection activities

Daily safety inspection activities to be done today are recorded and easily shared among safety managers.

The first step in smart safety,

install it right now without accidents.


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