Service Plans

Only functions required for the site, and use non- accident services that are selected at reasonable prices.

Free plan 


Use the accident-free service easily and conveniently with mobile. 

✓ Provide worker app (Android)

✓ Provides the  Manager app (Android/iOS)

✓ Accident-free Smart Safety Equipment (Workers) Interworking

✓ Store data for a short period of time (1 day)

✓ Create one administrator account


Basic plan (monthly payment)  

₩ 100,000KRW ~ /month

You can use mobile services at a reasonable price by selecting only the features that fit the field.

 Includes free plan functionality 

✓ Accident-free Smart Safety Equipment (Heavy Equipment)        Interworking
✓ Accident-free Smart Safety Equipment (Facilities) Interworking
✓ Accident-free Smart Safety Equipment (Hazardous Environment) Interworking

Business plan (monthly payment)  

₩ 500,000KRW ~ /month

Professional on-site safety management is possible with a variety of advanced features supported by the web platform. 

  Includes basic plan functionality 

✓ Tablet, PC Environment Delivery (Web Access)
✓ Store all of your plan's expiration data on a cloud server
✓ Provides data analysis and report output capabilities
✓ Create a child administrator account
✓ Other Premium Services

Premium plan (server deployment type) 

Price inquiry separately 

The accident-free platform is installed on the customer's server and managed independently. 

 비Includes business plan capabilities

✓ Propose physical server supply on site
✓ Server License
✓ User Account License
✓ Technical Support
✓ Sign a separate maintenance contract after one year of free maintenance


Customer Center
Business Hours : Monday-Friday 10:00 ~ 17:00