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Accident-Free Smart Warning System

The accident-free smart alarm system is a light/cylene device with built-in wireless communication technology. 

Interworking with accident-free smart safety equipment enables emergency evacuation broadcasting automatically

in the event of an emergency, and safety managers can easily build and manage the alarm system environment with the app.

Product Specification

Product specification

Size90mm(W)* 90mm(L)*120mm(H)


Wireless communications - MG2000BW-S : BLE5.0+ WiFi (Building an internal network)
- MG2000BL-S : BLE5.0+LTE Cat.M1 (External network interworking)
I/O InterfaceSiren notification, high power speaker (Max. 105dB), voice output (voice changeable), volume setting (step 10) is possible
Light bulb 4 mode/Siren 8 mode selectable
SOS button 

PowerBasic external power supply (AC220V), changeable to a built-in battery system
Certified.KC certification, dustproof waterproof (IP65) certification 

- Built on-site wireless network with easy installation without additional construction
- ON/OFF control, individual control/collective control via administrator app
- Can be linked to accident-free smart safety equipment (alarm generation can be set in case of danger)

Product ConfigurationAccident-free smart warning system (body), user manual
Manufacturer / Country of ManufactureStory4you co,. Ltd / Made in KOREA

Main Features

Product Key Features


Provides an easy wireless environment for smart safety systems

It is a light/Siren system with built-in complex wireless communication technology (BLE, Wi-Fi, LTE). It can act as a gateway and link with nearby smart safety equipment without accidents. In the event of an emergency such as worker's SOS, it can spread situation notification to the surroundings, and it can automatically broadcast emergency evacuation announcements when it detects dangerous situations such as fire, facility collapse risk, and harmful gas leakage. 


High-power speaker 

It has a built-in high-power speaker of more than 100 dB, so it can propagate notifications without problems even in noisy environments such as construction sites. 

The speaker volume can be adjusted according to the field situation, and it can be selected and used by supporting eight types of sirens or voice notifications.

(Safety manager can change the sound source)


High luminance LED display

It is equipped with high-brightness LEDs so that you can identify warning notification situations from a long distance.

It offers four light mode (blinking, rotating, strobe, constant illumination) and can be used selectively to suit the characteristics of the site.


Easy installation method

It can be easily installed depending on the field situation such as cradle, screw, magnet, etc. It has built-in wireless communication technology, so only power needs to be supplied after installation.


Dustproof waterproof rating IP65

IP65's dustproof and waterproof rating has been obtained so that it can be used in barren outdoor environments such as soil dust and heavy rain.

System Configuration

System Configuration Chart

Building a Smart Alert System by Interworking with a Basic Model and Gateway Device

A smart alarm system is built using LTE built into the extended model

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