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MUSAGO Tracker

In industrial complexes, the fatality rate of traffic accidents is more than three times higher than that

of non-industrial complexes due to the frequent operation of large trucks.

Accident-free trackers are smart safety equipment that reduces accident rates and protects

lives by detecting accidents by inducing safe driving of vehicles.

Product Specification

Product specification

Size 50(W)*80(D)*15(H) mm


Wireless Communications LTE Cat.M1(LGU+), BLE(2.4GHz)
Real GPS
GPS (1575.42MHz)
Built-in sensor 3-axis acceleration sensor
I/O Interface1-Push Button, Status LED(RGB), Buzzer
PowerExternal power supply(5VDC), Backup Battery(850mA) Deployment  
Certified.KC certification, mobile carrier (LGU+) terminal certification, venture start-up innovation procurement product certification

- GPS-based precision positioning
- Motion sensor detects an accident (collision/abdominal)
- Automatically switch to a built-in backup battery when power is cut off
- Location-based vehicle/heavy equipment management, asset management 

Product Configuration Accident-free tracker (body), charging adapter, user manual
Manufacturer / Country of Manufacture

Story4you co,. Ltd / Made in KOREA, CHINA

Meet the MUSAGO Tracker on Video

Product introduction video

Main Features

Product Key Features


Vehicle/heavy equipment location control 

It collects the location information of construction vehicles such as forklifts and cargo trucks in real time.


Induce vehicle safety speed driving

When driving beyond the set speed, a loud warning sound induces safe driving.


Accident detection

The motion sensor detects a collision, rollover accident of the vehicle.

System Configuration

System Configuration Chart 

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