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Hazardous Environmental Management - Facility Collapse Monitoring 

The shortcut to saving lives is prevention.

In the case of construction such as subways and tunnels, if the facility becomes unstable due to external factors, collapse or collapse can occur.

In tunnel construction where excavation work takes place, various external causes, such as shock from blasting from the bar, ground subsidence due to groundwater inflow or heavy rain, force and tension, and stress changes, can lead to facility collapse.

Failure to continuously observe changes in facilities due to external environments leads to major accidents.

Although periodic safety inspections are carried out according to the manual, it is not easy to check even minor changes because most of them are conducted by manual measurement.

In particular, accidents often occur even though the barracks are in good condition, so continuous and comprehensive inspections must be conducted in all sections of the excavation.

Through risk prediction through AI, abnormality detection and accident prediction systems can be used
It's time for it.

The accident-free collapse prediction solution, which combines high-performance displacement positioning sensors and AI, detects and analyzes microscopic changes in facilities in real time to detect signs of facility abnormalities to prevent major accidents.

What would be good about introducing accident-free?

Remote Instrumentation Automation 

You can check accurate measurement information anytime, anywhere without going directly to the site.

Management of vulnerable areas of the ground

It analyzes the changes in the ground caused by the impact of blasting work in time and space and manages vulnerable areas.

Detect and predict anomalies

It analyzes the trend of changes in time series data to detect anomalies and quantitatively calculate the risk.

Reduction of duties of safety managers

Automatically extract reports to help safety administrators focus on real tasks.

Accident Case Analysis

It analyzes actual accident case data and field characteristics to provide information and management measures on the types of accidents that may occur.

Sensor interlocking

It supports technology that combines and links various sensors according to field characteristics.

The first step in smart construction safety, 

start right now without accidents.


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