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Heavy Equipment Safety Management: Forklift Crash Prevention

Forklift safety is a must, not an option.

Type of accident involving forklift accident fatalities for five years (2015-2019) / Source: Korea Safety and Health Agency

Forklift that is highly utilized in industrial sites As often used, there are many safety accidents.

According to data from the Korea Safety and Health Agency, 4,714 people were involved in accidents due to forklifts between 2015 and 2019, and 167 of them lost their lives.

Of the deaths, 31% were caused by forklifts and workers, and 24% were caused by forklifts overturning.

Most forklift accidents are caused by lack of visibility.

Accidents are likely to occur if you are not careful because you do not feel the presence of people in the workplace due to various noises.

In particular, forklifts are often unable to see below because the driver's seat is located higher than the ground, and the operator is often not recognized because the load blocks the view.

We need a smart forklift safety device to create a safe working environment.

Compliance with safety rules is the most important thing to prevent forklift accidents, but accidents occur with one small mistake. The accident-free forklift collision prevention system uses cameras, sensors (ultrasonic waves, motion), laser safety lines, etc. for the safety of drivers and pedestrians

Double and triple safety devices have been configured to prevent small accidents in advance.

What would be good about introducing accident-free?

Obtain a forklift view

It secures front and rear views without blind spots through a wide viewing angle camera.

Front and rear approach detection

Prevent safety accidents by detecting people and people adjacent to them.

Forklift rollover detection

The motion sensor monitors the tilt of the body to prevent conduction and overturning.

Safety Line Marks

Create a safe working environment by marking safety lines with lasers around forklifts.

Safe Driving Induction

When speeding, a loud alarm sound induces safe speed driving.

Analysis of the movement line

It collects and analyzes real-time movement data of forklifts and manages them efficiently.

The first step in smart construction safety, 

start right now without accidents.


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