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Heavy Equipment Safety Management: Prevention of Speeding of Paid Vehicles

Safety speed compliance is the best way to prevent traffic accidents in industrial sites.

The speed limit is to ensure safety

It's a minimal regulation.

In industrial complexes and factories, many vehicles (paying vehicles, forklifts, heavy equipment, freight cars) and people travel together, so it is dangerous if you don't follow the speed limit.

In particular, large heavy equipment and facilities do not secure visibility, so it is easy to cause a large accident due to a momentary mistake.

However, the regulations are not well followed and management is not easy.

Most of the vehicles in and out are operated by external personnel and often do not comply with the driving regulations in the facility.

Even if you install speed cameras and speed bumps, "kangaroo driving" occurs frequently in which you slow down briefly and speed up again only in that section.

We need a high-tech system to protect our workers.

Accident-free vehicle management solutions can analyze the vehicle's driving in real time, detect dangerous behaviors such as sudden acceleration and violation of regulatory speed, and guide it to safety driving to prevent traffic accidents.

What would be good about introducing accident-free??

Access vehicle management

Monitor the location and driving status of incoming and outgoing vehicles in real time.

Safe Driving Induction

When speeding, a loud alarm sound induces safe speed driving.

Preventing Kangaroo Driving

Real-time driving monitoring blocks kangaroo driving that slows down only at the point of crackdown.

Preventing access to restricted areas

Access to a restricted area will prompt you to return to a loud alarm.

Convenient Operational Analysis

Provides analysis data for operational status and policy establishment.

Easy installation

The system construction has been completed with only IoT terminals distributed when entering and leaving, so there is no need for separate road and electricity construction.

The first step in smart construction safety, 

start right now without accidents.


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