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Worker Safety Management

The First Step in the Realization of Safety in Construction Sites 

2020 Construction Industry Accident Deaths │ Source: 2020 Industrial Accident Status, Korea Safety and Health Agency

Safety helmets are the minimum and essential protection to protect workers at construction sites.

More than half of the deaths a year occur in crashes and falls.
Safety helmets are personal safety equipment to protect the head directly connected to life in such accidents, and must be worn in the field.

However, in the field, they often don't wear safety helmets because they are hot and uncomfortable.  

According to the results of a comprehensive inspection of the risk of falling construction sites in July 2021, safety measures were insufficient at more than two-thirds of construction sites nationwide. In particular, one in three places will take overall supervisory measures as they have been pointed out for poor wearing personal protective equipment for workers, and the policy is to strengthen punishment for violations of the law.

Results of the 2021 Construction Site Fall Risk Inspection

We're all trying to reduce safety accidents It requires active efforts.

Effective disaster prevention requires increasing awareness of safety management on your own, away from temporary inspections, and having an efficient safety management system.
I'm not monitoring you. I'm protecting you!

What would be good about introducing accident-free? 

Compliance with wearing a safety helmet 

Without having to patrol the site directly, you can check the condition of workers wearing safety helmets in real time. 

Detecting accidents while working 

If a collapse or abnormal body temperature rise occurs during work, it is detected in real time and notified to the manager. 

Comfortable fit

Low-power, small, lightweight ergonomic design minimizes the inconvenience of workers using it. 

SOS Request 

Press the SOS button on the safety helmet, 

You can quickly ask for help in an emergency.

Emergency evacuation guide 

In the event of a dangerous situation such as a fire or a leak of harmful gases, non-face-to-face, real-time emergency evacuation can be ordered so that workers can evacuate quickly.

Confirmation of accident location 

In the event of an accident, indicate the exact location of the worker's accident so that they can be rescued quickly. 

The first step in smart construction safety, 

start right now without accidents.


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