Smart Safety Management Solutions Know Your Field

MUSAGO Service 

There are various environments depending on the workplace, such as apartment construction, road construction, tunnels, and underground facilities.
MUSAGO has verified safety solutions at various construction sites and has a lot of know-how.
We propose a smart safety management solution and accident-free service that can solve the problems of the field at once.

Safety management of workers 

MUSAGO solutions manage the safety of workers remotely at sites where a large number of people enter and exit.
It is a more advanced smart safety management system that monitors not only the location of workers, but also the wearing status of safety protective equipment, perception of dangerous work, perception of entering dangerous areas, and health conditions (temperature and heart rate).

Detection of wearing safety gear

More than 98% accuracy with precision complex sensors and algorithms

Positioning of workers 

Check plane position and floor height distribution as well

Perception of hazardous work 

Automatic recognition, such as complaint work, hazardous area work, etc

Health Check  

Check body temperature, heart rate, sudden collapse, etc

Urgent SOS

Request quick rescue with one button

Automatic attendance record 

Recognition of entry and exit into work/rest area

Hazardous Environmental Management 

Organically combine data from environmental sensors and sensors that measure physical displacement to build shape modeling.
Based on real-time measurement information, changes in shape and risk factors are detected, and dangerous accidents such as structural hazards, harmful gases, and fires are detected in real time.

Detection of Structural Hazard 

Structural deformation and slope, micro-vibration trend and time series analysis

High Quality Dataset 

Construction and continuous learning of data sets for each type of engineering such as tunnels and civil engineering

Fire detection 

Composite detection sensor and CCTV information to reduce non-reproperty

Check for abnormal conditions 

Real-time diagnosis and risk detection and judgment

Hazardous gas leak detection 

5 Hazardous Gas Detection, Add Detection Elements with Expansion Ports

Emergency evacuation system 

Automatic evacuation guidance for nearby workers when the risk increases

Heavy equipment safety management 

Accident-free AIoT technology builds a smart safety system that prevents dangerous accidents by organically exchanging sensor information by connecting all heavy equipment to the network. In addition, it maximizes productivity through optimized operation of equipment by analyzing the real-time movement of heavy equipment.

Heavy Equipment Accident Detection 

Automatic detection of heavy equipment accidents such as collisions and abalone and emergency notification

Operation and management of heavy equipment 

Automatic recognition of heavy equipment use and analysis of movement to precise positioning

Safe Driving Induction 

Real-time speed monitoring leads to zone-specific safety speed compliance

Protection of workers

Detect access of workers based on the availability of heavy equipment

Preventing entry into dangerous areas 

Detect access to high-risk areas

Digital safety management 

The accident-free platform calculates risk for each element through repetitive AI learning based on the collected information and predicts risk during work. In addition, the digital transformation of administrative work minimizes unnecessary documentation, maximizing efficiency through the concentration of safety personnel.

Intuitive control 

Information such as sensor measurements, event information, and cameras are displayed on map-based screens

Risk prediction

AI learning can predict element-specific risk to prevent accidents

Automate on-site management

Digitization of administrative tasks such as workers and equipment discharge, safety education, inspection log, and civil complaint management

Risk Management

Visualize risk with information such as work type, work environment, equipment condition, worker skill level, etc

Accident analysis

Identify the cause and improvement measures by analyzing the correlation between data and past cases in the event of an accident


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